30 Before I’m 30 | Bucket List


Today – July 6th – I turn 29 years old, my last year in my twenties! I decided to create a bucket list that I plan to complete within the next year – before I turn the big 3 0. So…


  1. Posted by anqela, — Reply

    Some of these are so basic I’m honestly wondering if a child wrote this list.

  2. Posted by OliviaMetlege, — Reply

    Get a pedicure and read an entire book ? I’m sorry but I did these when I was three 😂

  3. Posted by alaniemilia, — Reply

    Are we ignoring the fact that one of them says read an entire book

  4. Posted by sofiaslab, — Reply

    one of them says ‘rock a temporary tattoo’ ...... i’m concerned

  5. Posted by xjvsminex, — Reply

    I came to check the comments and I am so glad we can all relate lol ♥️

  6. Posted by creativemind13, — Reply

    Also, who hasn't binge watched a series on Netflix??

  7. Posted by posterbunny, — Reply

    Pedicure seriously

  8. Posted by karinamervine, — Reply

    “Get a tan” “ read a whole book” “rock a temporary tattoo”???

  9. Posted by ItzAshleyMarie, — Reply

    Out all of all these, how many are realistic?!!

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